Michael Suski

I was a great wrestler all through grade school, resulting in a level of fame through all the grade schools from my wrestling abilities. When I wrestled in the township tournaments, everyone came to my mate to watch me dismantle my opponents. In a fourth-grade basketball tournament, my parents heard one of my teammates ask the other team if anyone wanted to fight. The other team’s opponent asked why? The kids said, “We got Mike Suski, he’ll fight anyone!” My parents were taken aback but loved to tell that story! This was the beginning of my defensive football player of the year award, my many wrestling golds medal achievements, winning a big PAL National Boxing Title, making the U.S Boxing my junior year of high school, and then fighting the Russians in 1989 on ABC’s Wide World of Sports my senior year. That was like the old-school pay-for-view! I loved bar fights too and dated mostly models! After all this, one of the most entertaining things in my life was a contest of “Sex in the kraziest places!”

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