“Bare Knuckled Brawl!!! Trump’s former bodyguard spins tales of a roller coaster life, taking you along for a wild ride…”
– Alistair Schroff


Full Book synopsis/summary:


It’s my life story about being a two-time National Champion boxer, member of the U.S. boxing team (not Olympic), notorious street/bar fighter, Donald J. Trump’s bodyguard, and then a top 10 world-ranked boxer. A life lived all in and then an afterlife of brain damage, with many nights lived at the bottom of a bottle. I was a lucky man after all the success and then failure, to have met my soulmate of 27 years so far.

I was a man of great success and then a victim of brain damage, failing in a sport where opponents hit each other in the head. Not really comprehending the aftereffects of boxing! It wasn’t just brain damage; your shoulders, hips, and knees all take a beating too! A good friend of mine on the Olympic team had all those joints replaced.

This book is pure entertainment! I have countless boxing titles, countless bar fight stories in one of the most dangerous cities in America. Ohhh, our contest of sex in the kraziest places!!! Let the games begin! All the participants were big-time jock buddies from high school. Mostly college athletes with me on the U.S. boxing team and another good friend on the U.S. karate team. It was a very competitive competition! I won!

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