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In the context of “What makes boxing unique?” there are many factors that we can take a look at to see how beautiful the sport is.

Michael Suski, author of Small Town Boxer (a story of a boxer and bodyguard from a small town), advocates boxing and would want people to try it out for themselves. Boxing is a special sport to him, even winning a prestigious belt throughout his boxing career. He also shares some of his experience as a former bodyguard of Donald Trump.

The book talks more than just boxing, so readers will actually have a blast reading it. But for now, we’ll be focusing on boxing and the reason why it’s called “The Sweet Science.”

Why Is Boxing Labeled as “The Sweet Science”?

In a normal person’s eyes, boxing appears to be a simple sport. You’ll just be throwing punches, dodging hits, and learning how to utilize your hands as efficient weapons, right? But at the same time, we often hear professionals calling boxing calling it “Sweet Science.” How in the world can science be engaged if ring combat is that easy?

Boxers who are extremely technical and strategic within the ring are referred to as “sweet scientists.” These fighters rely on their brains and a well-thought-out game plan in addition to strength and ferocity.

They read their opponent well, are patient, always searching for weaknesses, and adjust mid-fight. These boxers are frequently better in every facet of the game, including movement, angle creation, and punch landing reaction.

For additional information regarding the term “Sweet Science,” continue reading this page. We’ll look at its origins, go deeper into its meaning, and provide insightful instances.

Where Did the Expression “Sweet Science” Originate?

The name “Sweet Science” has its roots in the nineteenth century. Boxing began to grow and evolve quickly back then, and boxers were more tactical and strategic while they were in the ring.

“What makes boxing unique?” Well, this question can easily be answered with the “Sweet Science” aspect of the sport. In the story of a boxer and bodyguard from a small town by Michael Suski, readers will enjoy a fantastic read that showcases how beautiful boxing is.

Being really violent and confrontational was no longer acceptable, and sports reporter Pierce Egan was one of the few who saw this shift. He referred to boxing as a sport wherein competitors utilize tactics and techniques to win matches by using the term “science.”

Having a greater understanding of why boxing is called “The Sweet Science” will help grow people’s appreciation and respect for the sport.

Looking For Sweet Science in Our Modern World

In 1813, Pierce Egan became the first to refer to boxing as “Sweet Science.” However, this word was not at all common at the time. Compared to now, it was used far less. However, why? How did the phrase “Sweet Science” get so well-known in the boxing world?

Everything began in 1956 when renowned journalist A.J. After working for “The New Yorker,” Liebling authored “The Sweet Science,” a book that features just the most memorable incidents in boxing history.

The book was a huge success and altered public perception of boxing as a sport in some ways. Liebling even gave credit to Egan for being the first to utilize the term and acting like a true professional.

The book itself offers a distinctive perspective on the most well-known bouts in boxing history. Liebling discusses the cerebral side of boxing as well as various styles, I.Q., and talent.

This book is still a classic that any boxing enthusiast should have on their bookshelf. Should that not be enough to convince you to purchase it, “Sports Illustrated” placed “The Sweet Science” at the top of its list of the best sports books ever written.

Appreciate What Makes Boxing Unique and Continue to Love the Sport

Now that we’re all aware of what makes boxing so special, it’s time for us to keep loving it. Grabbing a copy of Michael Suski’s by Small Town Boxer (boxer and bodyguard from a small town) is a good way of showing your love for boxing.

Purchase a copy today, and check out some of our other blogs, too, where you can learn how boxing changes life for the better!

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