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Presidents are among the most prominent and influential figures in the world. Hence, there’s no question why they need the best presidential security services.

Among the presidential figures in the United States, Donald Trump isn’t a name that triggers a positive reaction. However, while he may not be the most likable character in the world, the people around him, especially those tasked to safeguard him, are still worthy of being honored and respected.

Like any other president or person of high authority, Trump has danger in his shadows – perhaps even more so with his reputation. Wherever he goes, whether for official activities or personal leisure, he’s followed by an upset crowd that believes in the contrary of his ideas. Throughout his service, he’s typically swamped with haters or the antis that have strongly shown resistance to his leadership.

Regardless of where one stands in this Trump spectrum, in support or opposition, the risks attached to his name are evident. His need for solid presidential security was something that couldn’t be denied.

Life Necessary For Presidential Security

If the president’s authority were summarized, it would revolve around peace and power.

With their influence over their countries, presidents have the authority to change the course of history and societal development. They have the voice to command countries and control resources within each land, having the final say to any endeavor, the go or stop signal to consequential events. Presidents are tied to their countries.

Their powers are limited to administer control over their lands alone. Yet, they’re also tied with each other. Presidents are diplomatic emissaries, the key to the possibilities of world peace. Hence, their influence significantly matters, and their safety is a top priority.

However, people aren’t randomly picked to protect the presidents. Not everybody is brave and strong enough to protect a country’s principal figure. This is why they’re assigned a team of secret service agents to save their lives and other dignitaries – counterfeiting possible attacks. To guarantee presidential security, these individuals oversee the conditions of their activities, ensuring they’re out of danger’s sight and chaos-free. And to make their responsibility easier, they’re trained to blend into the crowd, moving quietly among the sea of people.

These Secret Service agents are bodyguards to high-ranked profiles. Hence, they don’t have the easiest careers. They’re always on the edge in every high-profile event, such as rallies and speeches. The protection of presidents is among the most honorable and dangerous tasks anyone can manage.

But as with every career, it also is double-edged.

Its Ups And Downs From One Man’s Lens

Trump’s former bodyguard bears the nitty-gritty of the Secret Service. In Small Town Boxer, a book by Michael “Mike” Suski, readers are taken down his memory lane. On his rollercoaster-esque life, anyone with a copy of the book is undoubtedly promised a wild ride.

Small Town Boxer covers Mike’s life as a two-time national champion boxer turned Trump’s bodyguard as he shifts from one dangerous career to another. It’s said to highlight the author’s crazy young life as part of the presidential security team. It spotlights the period in his life when he’s achieved his ultimate goal of being on actual presidential detail duty.

Growing up in a strict family that expected the best from him, Michael Suski felt he needed to prove himself. Along with his family, he wanted to achieve greatness, and that’s precisely what he attained. As someone with ideals of success, Mike already started chasing his dream, the prominence he believes was meant to be under his name. At such a young age, he already amassed success those older than him would’ve only dreamed of having. Michael is gifted and efficiently maximizes his potential once he has eyes on his ultimate goal.

With his impressive background, Mike experienced a fast rise to the peak of his career. He earned the title of notorious stress and bar fighter, a top 10 world-ranked boxer, and a firm position in the US boxing team. Michael Suski had been a name traveling far and wide, typically associated with his accomplishments. Hence, it comes as no surprise that he became part of the presidential security.

The Reality Of This Double-edged Job

People picture the Secret Service as agents in suits and sunglasses. But the image Michael Suski draws may have been far from this definition. While it’s true that these are the agents always at the president’s side, they don’t comprise everything that’s in the presidential security team. They also have different departments handling a variety of concerns. In other words, those in suits and glasses are only a fraction of what the program and agency truly are.

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